Ethanol Transparency Project

Yes! I would like to support the Ethanol Transparency Project (ETP) aimed at illuminating and curbing distortions emanating from the interwoven subsidies, concentration and corruption which shroud this largely mono-crop (corn) industry threatening our nationís food security and agricultural heritage.

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All donations/subscriptions to the Ethanol Transparency Project (ETP) payable to
The Agribusiness Council (ABC) are tax-deductible.

Funds will defray expenses of the ongoing campaign to illuminate aspects of the ethanol subsidy regime and resultant anti-competitive distortions.

The Agribusiness Council (ABC) is a nonprofit/tax-exempt educational organization under IRS Code 501 (c)(3). ABC is active in the formation of programs which encompass broad issues in ag/food economy and reflect the national interest.

Please mail this form with check to:

The Agribusiness Council - ETP
P.O. Box 5565
Washington DC 20016