Chronology of Waite/Jennings Rescue Expedition

This map is designed to assist researchers with geographic overview of the journey (i.e., modern state demarcations may not have existed in 1667-78) as well as distances traversed:


  1. Hatfield September 19, 1677: Indians attack fort, killing twelve and carrying off seventeen women/children.

  2. Waite/Jennings gather information and approvals for pursuit across other jurisdictions

  3. Waite obtains permission of Massachusetts Bay Colony, while Jennings gains crucial information from escaped captive, Benoni Stebbins

  4. New York Colony permission is secured with difficulty (British control of New York began only three years earlier in 1664)

  5. Waite/Jennings move with Indian scout north into Wilderness

  6. Indian scout abandons Waite/Jennings at Lake George, but provides map and canoe

  7. After crossing Lake George by canoe, Waite/Jennings find Lake Champlain frozen and begin walking, later forced to backtrack for canoe upon discovery of open water

  8. Waite/Jennings again encounter ice and renew journey on foot at Grand Isle

  9. Blizzard nearly kills searchers on January 2, 1678, but shelter is found

  10. Waite/Jennings stagger into Fort Chambly, January 6, 1678

  11. With French military escort, Waite/Jennings find 18 captives still alive at wigwam in Sorel. Negotiations for release begin

  12. Governor Frontenac receives Waite/Jennings and agrees to front them ransom to pay Indians for releasing captives, as well as providing larger military escort to insure safe passage back to Albany

  13. May 22, 1678: Waite/Jennings expedition numbering over 30 (with French soldiers included) arrives with great fanfare at Albany

  14. Hatfield families send jubilant advance party with horses to greet expedition at Kinderhook and bring them back to Massachusetts

  15. Stephen Jennings moves to Brookfield, MA in 1690s and is killed while raking hay in 1710. Benjamin Waite dies in French/Indian massacre at Deerfield in 1704.

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