Polish Agribusiness Association Progress Report

In the years since its formation in September 1995, Nicholas Hollis has addressed the Polish Agribusiness Association (PAA) several times and conducted training sessions with various leaders aimed at strengthening the association’s links with the network. PAA has been helpful in ABC’s outreach to the Baltics as well as Ukraine.

FORMATION COMMITTEE MEETING – A delegate rises to speak during a Warsaw meeting of the PAA Formation Committee in March 1995.  Various regions of the country and different agro-sectors were represented.  This meeting ratified the official PAA statutes which were subsequently filed with Polish authorities – an important step leading to the PAA launch.


OFFICIAL BRIEFING -- Nicholas Hollis met with Polish State Secretary Czeslaw Siekierski and others during a recent Warsaw visit (May 2002) as part of the ongoing program designed to strengthen links between existing and newly developing agribusiness associations. Minister Siekierski has been an erstwhile director of the PAA.  

 Lithuanian Agribusiness Association