Additional Ethanol References


Environmentalists Need to Fight Bush's Ethanol Surge (February 2007)

Cambrians for Thoughtful Development

EU Fine Upheld Against ADM for $57 Million (May 2006)  *Scroll to bottom of page.

ADM's Invisible Touch (Legal Times - April 10, 2006)

Ethanol Subsidies and Mandates: Taxpayers League of Minnesota (May 2005)

Illinois Pumps Out More Ethanol: A Sixth of the State's Corn Crop Goes (March 2005)  

Ethanol Subsidies for ADM & Other Corporate Kleptomaniacs Will Not Solve Energy Crisis (September 2004)  

Ethanol Remains Dark Horse Issue in Tight Iowa Caucus Race (February 2004)

Commentary on Senate Blocking Energy Bill (November 2003)  

Ethanol is the Largest Scam in the Nation's History (August 2003)

Merger Mania - ADM and Minnesota Corn Processors (September 2002)

Coming Ethanol Regime Will Not Help Corn Farmers (March 2002)  

Agriculture's Enron (February 2002)


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